An Energy Efficient home, is good for the enviroment

Everyone likes to save money.

Looking into making your home run more energy efficient you save money but that is not all you are doing.

home energy

By Making your home more energy efficient you are also protecting the environment by reducing green house gas emissions as well as reducing pollution. Sounds good to me, does it to you? I thought so.

By taking a little bit of time out of your day and grabbing some tools and doing things such as replacing HVAC filters regularly, using low-flow shower heads, unplugging appliances or electronics when not in use, and replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, conserve precious natural resources—not just for you, but also for everyone else.
Everything you need to know about making your home more energy efficient is found here. Energy Efficiency is  reachable for any home owner. If you are a renter and do not want to pour money into something that is not your investment that is very understandable, but there are some very simple, low cost solutions to seeing your savings add up with your monthly electric bill.

Everyone should be interested in saving money and everyone should be interested in preserving our environment.

Start today and watch your savings add up, while ensuring cleaner air for our children future.

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Make your pool energy efficient, watch it work for you

Do you have a pool? There are some great ways you can make your pool more energy efficient and actually have your pool work for you.
Pools can be a lot of work and maintenance. Weather you have an in ground pool or the growing in popularity above ground pool there are things you can do to save money time and avoid harsh toxic chemicals.
swimming pool
There is large debate between Saltwater vs Chlorine.
Saltwater pool supplies has no chemical smell and takes less time to maintain than a pump which requires chlorine.

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Without proper education on the two products, many people are initially turned off by Saltwater pool maintenance, I mean who wants to be swimming in saltwater in their backyard, yuck right? But the truth is, Saltwater pool maintenance has virtually no smell. Unlike chlorine which has a strong odor, has to be done properly in order to avoid sickness and can stain clothing saltwater has no salty smell taste or effect. More or less, you turn it on at night let the saltwater pump do it’s job and your good to go all day.
Algae(seaweed like growth in standing water) tends to build up in pools causing a lot of work for the pool owner leaving less time to enjoy the pool. With saltwater pool maintenance users are very happy with the lack of algae growth, cutting back on pool maintenance making your pool more energy efficient for both electricity and manual labor efficient. Saltwater maintenance like most things tends to be a bit more expensive at time of buying, but will save you $60 every bucket you buy.
That is a huge savings. Saltwater systems monitor and clean themselves, saltwater systems provide just as much disinfectant as chlorine. If energy efficiency is what you are looking for, saltwater pool system is the way to go.
If making your pool more energy efficient you would also do well to look into the heating system. Pool heaters can prove to be a source of wasted energy expense. Checking into energy efficient pool heater, could save you 50-80% of your pools heating expenses.

There are more tricks and tips to making your pool more energy efficient most are changing out very simple areas such as lighting for your pool, motors and filters. If your pool is getting older and needing some updating on equipment, look into energy efficient pool equipment saving your household a lot of money.

The pool is one of the most enjoyed features of the house, providing hours of endless fun on a regular basis, switch to energy efficient pool equipment and have your pool start working for you.