Can energy be made from the wind??

All across the world, what people call windmills are popping up. They are huge and have a very beautiful and gracious look about them.

Although they are nice to look at, what benefit do they have for us, and what can they do for you?
These may seen like the same question but we will look at the individually.
First of all, what are these giant windmills that are seemingly everywhere these days?
What is commonly known to us as windmills are actually Wind Turbines- as pictured above. Wind turbines generate energy from the wind. Wind Turbines are also referred to as wind generator, wind turbine generator, wind power unit, wind energy converter. All these terms point to the same thing, energy efficiency.

According to, This depends on the size of the turbine and the wind resource. A single 1MW turbine operating at a 45% production rate will generate about 3.9 milion kW of electricity in a year. This would be enough to meet the needs of about 500 households per year. The world’s largest turbines at 5 MW have been constructed at the DEWI-OCC test field in Cuxhaven, Germany.
Another interesting point with wind systems is that fossil fuel plants normally run on standby to support the wind fluctuations that occur. So, not only do we see only 8 to 10% of a rated power output, but this is offset by the fossil fuel consumed an not delivered to the grid. The net result is that most wind packages deliver less then zero power, when you consider the wasted fuel at the fossil fuel plant.

You will see these wind turbine in groups and these groups are referred to as, wind farms. Turbines used in wind farms are three bladed and pointed into the wind with computer controlled motors. These are commercial turbines used in the production of energy.

Some fun facts about wind turbines:

The blades tip speed can reach up to 200 miles per hour.

Wind Turbines can reach up to 130 ft.

Wind turbines blades are usually and off grey color and this is to blend in with the clouds.

Wind Turbines are also made to shut down in high wind to avoid damage.
Transportation of wind turbines account for 20% of equipment cost.
Bottom line, these massive Wind Turbines are beneficial for the environment, cutting down the cost of energy for users like you and me and look beautiful in the mean time.