Understanding Energy Efficientcy in your home

If you would like your home to run more energy efficient you would do well to understand exactly what makes your home run efficiently.

If you open the door to your refrigerator what happens? The food inside gets warm.


If doors are left open in the house, what happens? The warm or cool air inside the home, escapes out.

Those are obvious examples of wasting energy.

Many people are left puzzled each month as their electric and water bills are ridiculous, so getting your home inspected could reveal where your home is lacking in the efficiency department. Not everyone has money for inspections however so gathering enough information for you to do a basic inspection your self will do a lot of good.

There are many video tutorials online that can provide you with a wealth of information on the subject, showing you what to look for and where to find it. Simple things you may not even think about, like grass being over grown by A/C unit causes your unit not to function properly causing you to lose money on energy bills each month.

By taking a look at where air could be leaking out without you even know is a good place to start looking, places such as:
Electrical outlets
Switch plates
Window frames
Weather stripping around doors
Fireplace dampers
Attic hatches

Wall- or window-mounted air conditioner

Take a look at doors and windows, If you can rattle an area chances are it’s leaking air.

The point is, you work hard for your money and nobody wants to waste their hard earned money. Take a look around your house and find air leaks, you will be glad you did when you start seeing the savings add up each month, and year.