Where are you loosing money In your Home ?

Raise your hand if you enjoy loosing money? Anyone? I did not see a hand raised. The question is where are you loosing money? Well the first place to start looking is around the house. Many homeowners possibly even your house are experiencing unwanted energy loss from their home.

Gas appliances- are they leaking your hard earned money?
You may do well to hire a professional to analyze your house as there are many special tools they can use to get a clear view of how well your home is doing in using its energy. Some things you can expect a professional to do would be:

Scan your homes gas appliances, such as gas heater and gas furnace. Checking out your basement to your attic and everything in between. You will be given an assessment kind of like a grade on how your home is doing and help you identify some weak areas where you are loosing money monthly. Once you have fixed the problem the professional will come back and do an audit on your home and make sure the items are fixed making your home more energy efficient. Getting a Home Energy Assessment will save you money.

Blower door test will check the air-tightness in your home.

Infrared camera scan will check for moisture problems, leaks and insufficient insulation.

These are important aspects of your home functioning as energy efficient as possible.

True not everyone has the resources to tackle a host of problems your home may be having making it less energy efficient not to worry take it one step at a time.

Make a list of known issues for your home, prioritize and start one by one fixing the known issues and watch your saving add up. Nothing is worse then wasting your hard earned cash, in this economy can you afford for your home not to be running energy efficient.