How Useful Are SolarGaps For Your House?

How Useful Are SolarGaps For Your House?

There’s no doubt that we are living in the age of technology and innovation. We are witnessing every day various science breakthroughs which makes us think that “sky is no longer the limit”. In fact, the sun is also no longer a limit and we can be proud to be living incredible moments when we can use the solar power to produce energy and conserve natural resources. It’s being told in many innovations essay how efficient are the roofs covered in solar panels both financially and for the environmental protection.

However, not everyone affords to invest in changing their roof and make their home eco-friendlier. Luckily, a new solution has appeared on the market, promising to save 70% of the energy bill, everything at a very low cost.

How do SolarGaps work?

SolarGaps appeared on the market as the “world’s first solar smart blinds”. Apart from keeping the sun away, these solar blinds also transform the sun’s power into energy. What is more, it is very simple to use. You plug the SolarGaps generator in and let it power all your devices. Therefore, you will end up saving a lot on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable energy.

The advantages don’t end here as you can store the unused energy in a battery. You can use it later on for any emergency cases and so get covered in any situation. When it comes to the dimensions and power generated, the producers mention that 10 square feet of solar blinds will generate approximately 150Wh. If you wonder how much 150Wh mean, it is enough to power up three MacBooks or 30 LED light bulbs.

Apart from producing energy, these solar blinders do exactly what any other blinder does. They keep the sun away and keep a constant temperature inside. Therefore, you will use the air conditioning less and reduce your energy costs even more. You can also control SolarGaps using your smartphone via Wi-Fi, and thus change their angle and raise them according to your preferences.

SolarGaps takes technology even further. So, they integrate devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Nest Thermostat. What is more, you can adapt SolarGaps to your own schedule. For instance, you can schedule them to open at a specific hour in the morning and close when you want to go to sleep.

Can SolarGaps really be useful? 

In theory, SolarGaps seems to be a brilliant idea. The benefits of solar panels are obvious, but this system comes with some challenges along the way. First, if you want a solar panel to be efficient and produce the maximum of energy, then it should be inclined at an angle. SolarGaps have been created to be installed on the windows, which everyone knows to be vertical.

What is more, the producers mention that the panels should be facing the sun and the user should rotate the small panels using the application. However, if you would rotate the blinders to capture the maximum of energy, then you will not be able to completely block the sun and have full shade in your room. So, you will still be using AC.

Finally, these smart shades should be mounted outside the windows. This can be challenging if you think of the cables’ installation. Moreover, you will need to take care of wind-proofing, which can also become difficult if you live in a windy area.

SolarGaps is the proof that the world is evolving, and we are heading towards a “sunny future”. These smart solar shaders can be an excellent solution for areas affected by brutal heat and intense sun during the entire year. Furthermore, considering that they are an extremely affordable, non-permanent solution, it will be easier for renters to use more solar energy and protect the environment.

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