Global Warming Essay Writing

Global Warming Essay Writing


Global warming is a very popular subject nowadays. There are millions of phrases written on this subject every year. Each global warming essay aims to catch the phenomenon magnitude and present solutions to it. However, there are some global warming essays which have an impact, while there are others that go practically unnoticed. So, what’s the secret when writing a global warming essay? What are the steps to follow to write a global warming essay to make an impact? This article is going to answer this question and many more.

Global Warming Essay Writing

  1. Decide what type of essay you are going to write

Before you start writing your global warming essay, it is very important to decide what type of essay you are going to write. There are multiple types you can try. For example, you can choose an argumentative essay and choose one side of the topic you want to argue. You can also opt for the expository essay where you will inform the readers about global warming and what are its effects on society. Finally, you can write an essay where you address one of the biggest problems of global warming. If you choose this type of essay, you should also present what are the potential solutions for this problem. Once you decide which type of essay you are going to write, you will know what information you need to complete it.

  1. Build the introduction

“Even though global warming is such a popular subject, not everyone knows what it means. Therefore, irrespective of which subject you are going to address in your essay, the introduction should include a couple of sentences which define global warming”, says Melanie Griffith, content director at Trust My Paper. As this is a sensitive subject, you should start with some clear data and statistics which will show your expertise on the subject. What is more, whenever you use statistics, you should also cite the sources you use. When it comes to sources, you should also try to include the most credible ones. Thus, you will add another white point in your favor.

  1. Create a clear structure in the body

The essay’s body is the one where you will show how much expertise you have on the subject and convince your audience to keep reading. Therefore, in the body’s first paragraph will cover the main causes of global warming. For example, you can talk about carbon dioxide and methane emissions or about forest destruction. Once you outlined the causes, you should discuss the effects of global warming. This is the paragraph which needs the biggest support for the information you provide. Some of the effects you can talk about are crop failures, the rise of sea levels, of coral reefs disappearance. Provide relevant statistics and numbers to increase the awareness over the devastating effects. Finally, you can also create a paragraph with possible solutions for this problem. Again, use relevant sources of information to come up with feasible proposals.

  1. Give “food for thought” in the conclusion

You can use the conclusion to sum up all the information you included in your global warming essay and send a memorable message to your audience. You already covered the causes and effects of global warming. Thus, you should recap them in your conclusion and emphasize global warming devastating consequences. Furthermore, the conclusion is the best paragraph where you can create a strong call to action and urge the audience to do something about it.

Global warming is a topic which will continue to be debated many years from now. Our planet is gradually getting hotter which means that people need such essays to remember them about the impact they have on this planet. Use the tips mentioned above to create a clear structure for your global warming essay. Support your arguments with quotations from reliable sources. You can cite scientific journals as well as newspapers which contain clear statistics on global warming.

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