Why we created this website

Why we created this website

The creation of this website occurred because we thought about how important it is to protect the environment we live in. It needs to be protected for us, and for future generations as well. Planet Earth is our home, and we need to repay her somehow, so what better way than protecting it?

Basically, we want to let people know how important caring for nature is, and what influence it could have on humanity. As you probably know, there are a lot of factories that harm nature by polluting it. Air, soil, and water are getting polluted by various substances these factories dump in the environment. Not only nature itself is harmed, but humanity has to suffer as well. Inhaling polluted air and drinking polluted water doesn’t sound good, does it?

Also, we want people to know how important recycling is, and to start recycling themselves. People create waste by buying countless products, and the packaging they contain is most of the times not biodegradable.

Waste can have a huge impact on nature, as the chemicals contained by it are harmful to nature. They contribute to pollution, leading to an unhealthy environment. Also, some of the effects that cause deforestation are habitat destruction and global warming. By recycling, the need for raw materials is reduced, so rainforests can be preserved.

Moreover, there are big amounts of energy used when creating products from raw materials. By recycling, there is less energy required, so the natural resources are preserved, and recycled products would cost less than raw material products.

We really hope we could convince as many people as possible to start recycling and take care of Mother Nature because it’s our home. The website was created so we can create a better world by protecting it. Hopefully, the mission will be successful.